This BMW X3 2004-2012 based Performance Chips have been designed keeping in mind a normal car user and not just for technicians found at costly auto shop and dealerships. Once installed the BMW X3 2004-2012 Performance Chips will change your car’s air and fuel mixtures to optimize the power and torque output. End result is higher horse power, increased throttle response and increased efficiency to your BMW X3 2004-2012. These can be installed with common hand tool and will not have to pay for the installations. Once installed the ECU Engine technology of these chips will help ooze more power as you slam the gas. This is possible because the performance chips will work with your car’s computer system to recalculate the power going through your cars system. All these mean fuel efficiency and more return on money spent on the fuel. This small investment will be one of the smartest investments you have made in your vehicle keeping longevity of the use of the chips and your vehicle. We are exclusive providers for BMW X3 2004-2012 Performance Chips at a discounted price. We store these chips in our inventory so you will not have to wait. Any technical question? Please call our 24/7 service line and our efficient customer service and technical staff will provide you the answers to your queries

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