Hid Kit High Performance Xenon Lighting System

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High Performance HID Lighting Kit

A HID lighting kit is the newest lighting technology that is used on many of today's ultra-premium luxury vehicles.  Our HID kit puts out 3 times more light than a traditional halogen headlight bulb while increasing side-to-side vision by 200%.  A HID kit consists of 2 HID ballasts, 2 HID bulbs, and the necessary wiring to make the units work.  Our HID kits feature German technology, design, and build components that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Please note: Due to design changes, bulb types, and updates the kit may look different in include different items than what is pictured.

With added performance, many drivers actually "outdrive" their headlights.  The term "outdrive" refers to the focal point of the driver versus the light output of the headlights.  This causes the driver to look past the headlight which decreases the chances of clearly seeing the road.  Our HID kit is the solution to poor night time visability.

Our High Performance Xenon HID kit puts out 3 times more light than traditional halogen headlight bulbs.  In addition, our HID kits are made to the highest quality standards in a ISO-9001 approved factory.  Our kits are 100% plug and play and will work with virtually any kind of headlight.  Our kits are custom designed to work perfectly with any application.  Our HID kits are so high quality that we offer a 1-year warranty on them!

Adding a HID kit to your vehicle will allow you to safely see the road at night.  In addition, your vehicle will get that updated luxury look that is found on the world's  most expensive vehicles.  A high performance xenon hid kit will give you the most light output possible.

When ordering please verify your make, model, and year along with which light you would like a HID kit for.  We offer them for High Beam, Low Beam, and Fog Lights.

***Hid lighting systems may cause your vehicle to get a headlight out message on certain vehicles.  Please be aware of this before ordering.***

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