X3 Performance Chip with O2 Sensor Control

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The X3 performance chip is a revolutionary fully pre-adjusted, programmed performance control unit. It is simply the best performance chip  for your engine.  

This top-of-the line module has our most advanced features to give you maximum results.  Some of our exclusive features include:
  • Red LED indicator light - Informs you that the product is installed correctly and functioning properly
  • Most aggressive tuning and mapping curves - the changes to your ECU are more aggressive giving you better performance
  • Built in Oxygen Sensor Control - changes the setting from your o2 sensors to the ECU for more control and better engine operation
  • Auto Adjusting Built-In - The unique auto-adjusting allows the product to automatically go into a performance or fuel economy mode based on your driving inputs
  • Pre-Programmed - no adjustments or tuning is needed.

The X3 performance chip is the only one of its kind that automatically adjusts to provide you with maximum horsepower or maximum efficiency depending on the driving conditions.  If you tow a trailer, this product will help you get more power for on-ramps and more fuel efficiency when cruising.  If you are a casual driver, this product will give you a great blend of maximum power and fuel economy when you need it.

How Does the X3 Module Work?

The X3  module takes the signals from your engine sensors, modifies them, and then sends optimized signals back to your vehicle's ECU. The X3 module adjusts the air/fuel ratio, and modifies the secondarily timing curves to new performance settings.  In addition, our X3 module has an Oxygen Sensor control circuit integrated so that it can automatically set the signals going to  your vehicle's ECU for power or fuel economy.

 A detailed view of our unit:

Benefits of the X3 Module

    • Automatic performance level settings from 0 - 100%.
    • Automatically adjusts to provide your ECU with maximum horsepower or maximum efficiency signals.
    • Integrated 02 - Oxygen Sensor Signal Control to squeeze the maximum amount of power out of your engine.
    • Easy installation with included instructions.
    • Many feel Immediate effects on engine performance.
    • May reduce flat spots or delay time under full throttle.
    • Ability to improve throttle response and total engine responsiveness.
    • Engine durability will not be affected at all.


Installation Diagram Below:


At Engine Peformance we want you to shop hassle free.  Therefore, this item is sold with:

  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Free technical support via email or phone
  • Full 30-day trial period on our X3 module


I was skeptical at first, put on the pipe, then the chip, today. Performance as promised. Good product, good tech support, GREAT performance. Feel free to use this as a testimonial, if you like. Thanx, guys!

Lee - Charleston, SC

I threw my other chip away after installing the X3 chip.  You guys delivered on your promise and I am a loyal customer now.  Hope to do more business soon. THANKS!

Chuck - Henderson, NV

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am more than happy with the performance I got on my Dodge Charger.  You product is simply awesome.

Jose, Miami, FL

Please Note: Our X3 chip does not work with Diesel or Turbocharged engines.

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