Fuel Saving Performance Fuel Ionizer System


Increase the fuel economy of your engine with our Performance fuel ionizer.  The Performance Fuel Ionizer increases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle up to 25%.  

The secret lies within the core of the Ionizer. The Power Performance Ionizers are manufactured from only the finest quality Neodymium - Rare Earth Magnets. Not typical magnets used in other applications. These rare earth magnets ionize the fuel molecules by adding a + charge to them.  This allows the fuel ions to flow into your fuel system and fuel injectors in a single flat line instead of bouncing around in every which way direction.  This in turn creates a much more balanced fuel ion which flows easier into your fuel injector for a perfectly fine mist.  This fuel can then mix with the air much more effectively to increase the fuel economy of your engine. Without the fuel ionizer, your fuel does not enter the fuel injectors in a single line causing bursts of fuel to be injected into your combustion chamber which cannot be effectively mixed with the air.  



The magnets interact specifically with molecules in gas to improve overall combustion. This results in a more EFFICIENT & OPTIMAL burn.  The more efficient the fuel burns, the less that is required by the engine to achieve optimal performance!



  1. Locate your incoming fuel supply line. (This is simply done by starting your car and turning it off after 2-3 minutes to warm up the fuel line or working on a car you just parked. After locating your fuel lines, determine which one is incoming (cool to the touch) and which one is the fuel return line (warmer to the touch). 
  2. You will now clamp the iFuel™ to the fuel supply line (cooler) as close to the existing clamps on the fuel line and you are done!


 The Performance Fuel Ionizer installs in minutes and it will increase the efficiency of your engine and reduce fuel costs by up to 25%!






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