Performance Air Intake System


Performance Air Intake System

Our performance intake systems are specifically designed for each make, model, and engine.  Our air intakes offer the following benefits:

    • Increased horsepower - gain up to 25 horsepower!
    • Increased throttle response - your engine will become more responsive
    • Increased efficiency for more mpg - your engine becomes more efficient due to increased air flow
    • Our intakes are designed to create a deep tone - they sound great

We highly recommend adding Performance Software Modules with our racing cold air intake systems for up to a 50 Horsepower gain! The best performance value on the market!

Our performance air intake systems are making from the highest quality materials.  Our intakes feature:

    • T6 aircraft grade aluminum
    • Reusable filter that can be cleaned and re-oiled
    • High quality silicon hoses and fittings
    • Metal mounting brackets and screws

Plain and simple, our air intake systems were designed to get the most out of your engine.  Don't buy inferior intakes that make fake promises, our intakes were specially designed for your application to get the most horsepower possible.

Installation Directions (generalized directions):

1.       Find the air box and remove the clamp(s) or fitting(s).

2.       Undo any bolts or screws holding the air box to the vehicle.  You may have to undo anything attached to the intake.

3.       Assemble the Engine Performance Chip Racing Cold Air Intake System

4.       Attach the Silicon fittings to the same spot the air box attached to.

5.       Install the brackets in the correct locations

6.       Tight everything down. 

7.       Enjoy the increased performance of your engine!

8.       You can also reset your cars computer so it can re-learn the fuel maps by disconnecting the battery for a 30 seconds

Here is a sample picture of one our units installed - your kit will look different:



 The look of the intake you receive will be different, as every vehicle has special shapes and bends.

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