Air Intake Maximizer Supercharger

Starting at: $59.99

High Performance Air Intake maximizer that installs in your air intake tube or near throttle body!

With todays High fuel prices, how could you afford not to have a fuel saver device installed? 
Air intake maximizer changes the way air flows into your engine. The impellor of the Force Flow Turbine spins with the engines speed generating a maximum force to create a more powerful airflow into the combustion chamber. The increased airflow into the combustion chamber results in better atomized burning of fuel, increase in Horse Power and saving on fuel. Compare our system to other fuel savers on the market. Ours atomises and pressurises airflow by a dynamic quality ball bearing type spinning impellor, it is not a cheap fancy folded piece of sheet aluminuim that doesn't spin! These are commonly called fuel savers too but they only loose fuel economy.

Boosts engine horsepower and torque
Extremely safe and economical

Increase Horsepower 
Reduction in waste gases, reducing pollution. 

Cheaper and more effective than other static type fuel savers. 
Fits to 99% of car intake systems (2.5inch), comes with (3") adapter rings for larger intakes. 
Reduces fuel usage by between 11% and 27%.

  • *Maximum Speed Movement: 55,000r/min.
  • *Axis Temperature: 120c.
  • *Jet blade design.
  • *Made of Strong Aircraft Alloy

Air Intake Supercharger

This product will install in your air intake tube as long as your vehicle has diameter of tubing 2.0-2.5 inches. Any larger found on some SUV's and trucks will not work.


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