Universal Cold Air Intake System


A revolution!  Finally! A cold air intake system that you can customize yourself! 

Our universal air intake systems will allow owners to make a fully custom air intake for their ride.  By using the piping that can be molded to fit into almost any direction, it is possible to make custom air intake.  This Cold Air Intake will allow enthusiats to buy a intake system for their car, even if there is no one that currently makes one for their vehicle!

Air intakes flow colder, denser air and more of it.  This creates horsepower, a rumble upon accelaration, and overall increased throttle repsonse from the engine.  Remember that a engine needs three things to run: Air, Fuel, and Spark.  By giving the engine more air, you will be getting more horsepower out of it!

Our new universal cold air intake gives you the ability to gain real horsepower and cool looks at the same time.  You are put in control with this intake system.  Buy two to make a custom dual cone intake system.  The choice is yours but the opportunities are endless.

Since this is a universal product for vehicles that do not have aftermarket air intake systems available, there will be modifications neccessary for this item to be installed correctly.



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