Power Performance Chip X2

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by Dan Finnick
To be brutally honest, this thing does work. I was really surprised how much power it gave my engin...

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by leon yeeseong
Hi all I'm leong from Malaysia, I'm just get my x2 pfmchip and that is really easy to fix on my volv...

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by Jaime Espada
I have an Infiniti G37 IPL. Wwhen I put the pedal all the way down the chip slams me back into my dr...

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by josh whitbeck
Deffinetly an awesome product for the price!I just installed this into my 1993 Lexus Es300 and you c...

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by Clay Underwood
I just installed the X2 today in my GMC one ton and I'm relatively excited. the power setting made a...

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by dylan leenheer
ok so first of all i have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt and the wires on the installation help page are wrong....

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