Performance Stainless Steel Weighted Shift Knob



When purchasing this product you have the option of four shift knobs; the Bombshell, Desert Eagle, Big Type R, or Piston. Please specify which knob you would like. All weighted Shift Knobs have our NTIS Technology which means all knobs will fit pretty much every production car with a threaded shifter on the market with our special inserts (at checkout specify which car you will be installing the shift knob in).


Our weighted shift knob is not only designed to be extremely smooth in styling with an extremely durable finish, but to actually perform better than any other shift knob on the market as well. These shift knobs are weighted and once you try driving with a weighted stainless steel shift knob, you will never want to go back to stock. The difference is quite simply amazing! The high caliber series shift knobs are the heaviest weighted shift knobs that EPC has to offer, weighing in at around 600 grams.


Why Use a Weighted Knob?

This theory applies to a shift knob in the following manner. While shifting, the shift knob is set in motion by the driver. While the shift knob is travelling between gears, it has a certain velocity and carries with it kinetic energy. The additional kinetic energy a heavy shift knob carries with it helps it to engage in to the next gear. Essentially, the shifter with a heavier shift knob is more "difficult" to stop because of the added kinetic energy, which actually helps it engage in to the next gear with less direct effort from the driver. The net result is a smoother engagement in to the next gear with less effort put in from the driver on the shift knob to get it in to gear. It is for this reason that a heavier shift knob feels much smoother to shift than a shifter with a stock shift knob.

Simply put, this is one of the finest shift knobs on the market today.  The difference truly has to be felt to be believe.  These stainless weighted shift knobs will truly add performance and style to your vehicle.