Where is my IAT Air Intake Sensor

Most vehicles have their IAT = Temp sensor located on the air intake track of the vehicle. It will have 2 wires going to a plug mounted on the air intake track or air intake manifold of most vehicles.. If you cannot find your IAT and your car is 2000+ , then it maybe built into your MAF = Mass Air Flow meter and will have 4-5 wires going to it. This connector is located on your air intake track as well. Click here if you have the 4-5 wire MAF and not the 2 wire IAT by its self.


BMW IAT Location:

The location of the IAT is under the air intake manifold, the big black plastic with tubes going through it coming from the intake to the engine. It could also be on the throttle body area. It is not the HFM after the air box which measures how may air flow is going to your engine.

Chevy Aveo IAT Location:

Should be a small sensor on your air intake tube.

Chevy Monte Carlo IAT Location:


Chevy Cobalt / SS Supercharged IAT Location:

The IAT sensor (Intake Air Temperature) will usually be located on the intake hose between the filter box and the throttle body, or possibly in the filter box itself.

The yellow and black wire are what you must hook to on your MAF on the Cobalt, this is your IAT wires.

Dodge Dakota IAT Location:

The IAT Sensor is located on the #2 Intake Runner (3.9/5.2/5.9L) or under the Throttle Body, in the manifold (4.7L) - Big Brass looking sensor with two wires (Grayish connector)

Dodge Durango IAT Location:

On an '01 4.7, the IAT sensor is on the driver side of the intake manifold (it actually taps into one of the runners), and has a two-wire plug going to it.

Ford Mustang IAT Location:

Ford Mustang 1998 IAT Location:


Ford Focus IAT Location:

It is integrated into the Mass Air Flow sensor. The Air charge temperature sensor uses pins # 1 and 6 on the MAF connector. The colors are White with a Violet stripe and Brown with a White stripe.

Ford F-150 5.8L Location:

In the intake manifold on drivers side by the fuel rail.

Ford Explorer IAT Location:

Driver side of upper intake manifold. Just behind the IAC valve. IAC is just behind the throttle body.

Ford Explorer 1994 IAT Location:


Ford Explorer 1995 IAT Location:


Ford Expedition 1998 with aftermarket intake IAT Location:


Ford Probe IAT Location:


GM durmax engine IAT location:


GM Sierra 5.3L:

The IAT Sensor is attached to the Mass Air Flow Sensor that is attached to your air filter box.


The IAT sensor is located in the duct going from the air filter to the throttle body , closer to the throttle body
it is a 2 wire plug with black & tan wires

Honda Civic IAT Location:

It should be in the intake tube(black tube from your filter) theres like a sensor(IAT)on it.

Honda Civic IAT Location (92-95 DX):

Located in lower side of admission manifold, infront at firewall in driver side.

Honda Civic IAT Location (01-05 EX):

IAT is on the left (driver's) side of the intake manifold directly below the throttle body/throttle position sensor.
if you stand on the driver's side of the car with the hood open and look directly at the throttle body you'll see the connector for the IAT directly underneath.

Honda CRV (07):

The IAT is part of the MAS on the 2007 CRV. The MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor) has a 4 pin connector to the combined MAS/IAT that sits on the throttle body housing.

Jeep 4L Engines IAT Location:

On the Jeep 4.0 engine, the IAT sensor is in the intake manifold behind the throttle body. Right below the tube leading into the engine.


Jeep Wrangler 2.5 4.0L 1999:

The iat sensor is the front sensor on the intake manifold it has a gray 2 wire plug that is the 4.0 lt the 2.5 the sensor is the back sensor on the manifold.

Kia spectra Location:

It is on the air intake ram prior to the air filter.

Lincoln Town Car IAT Location:


The intake air temperature sensor (IAT sensor) (12A697) is located in the engine air cleaner cover. When installing, use care not to damage plastic locking tabs.

Mitsubishi 3000GT IAT Location:

3000 GT with the IAT integrated in the MAF (mass air flow sensor) You need to connect it to the pins with the black wire for ground and the blue/red wire for the signal.


Mazda MX5 IAT Location:

It is located on the mass air flow censor on the intake. it is connected right on the out side of it. It has 5 wires running to it.
The IAT sensor will be built into the MAF. You can choose the wires from this sensor: Should be a red wire and 2C should be a lg/yellow for the IAT installation.

Nissan 240SX IAT Location:


Nissan Maxima 02+ Location:

IAT is built into your MAF sensor. Must determine which wires are for the actual IAT.

Nissan Titan IAT Location:

Its a combined unit with the Mass Air Flow sensor that is sticking out of your intake tube between air box and throttle body.

Pontiac Sunfire IAT Location:


Pontiac GTO


Toyota Celica IAT Location:


Toyota Camry 1999:

V6 IAT is integrated into the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

Toyota Tundra IAT Location:

Find the air box(where the air filter is) up the tube, and it will lead to the throttle body, under the throttle body is the Intake manifold...somewhere there will be a small round or square screw in fitting with 1-3 wires coming out, that should be it. Odds are it won't be in plain sight and maybe hard to find.

Volvo V40 IAT Location:

Facing the engine on the left hand-side under intake.