Our Acura performance chips are scientifically engineered devices which have the capability of enhancing the efficiency or performance of any model.  Acura, whose parent company is Honda, is famous for their technologically advanced engines.  In today’s marketplace, there are tons of tuners and programmers which fail at gaining you more horsepower. Engine Performance Chip has specifically created a line of performance parts which work perfectly in any Acura model. Our line of performance parts include: Acura performance chip, supercharger, spark plugs, air intakes, exhausts, Fuel Ionizer, voltage performance module, muffler, and tuning chips. You can get amazing performance by using these parts.

If you are looking for a greater amount of performance then use our Acura Supercharger coupled with a performance chip for incredible horsepower increases. We have designed these products to give you maximum reliability.  These products not only enhance your engine’s performance but they can also save you fuel. You can gain up to a 20% increase in fuel economy with our line of mileage increasing products

Remember, our team of customer service representatives is always available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.