The Italian brand famous for some iconic models like the Dino and the Cinquecento.  Having come back to the US market with their all-new Fiat 500 model, this Italian brand has the right mixture of sportiness, economy, and style.  Fiat also has secret weapon which many consumers might become very familiar with, their Abarth tuning division.  Abarth makes adjustments to the suspension tuning, improves engine output, adds upgraded wheels and tires, and even modifies the interior for more aggressive driving.  Even with upgrades like those, we offer a range of performance chips and performance parts to improve the already brisk performance of these models.

In addition to our horsepower chips, we sell a large variety of engine parts that range from spark plugs, air intakes, superchargers, and even exhaust systems for almost any Fiat model available today.  Our products are designed to be a perfect fit and offer improved performance.  In addition to adding power, our line of fuel saving products can increase your fuel economy by up to 20%.  You can save drastically at the fuel pump which making your Italian Stallion much more fun to drive.