Infiniti, whose parent company is Nissan was created in 1989. It is the luxury segment of Nissan. It has more than 230 dealers in over 15 countries around the world.  This brand was mainly started to compete with Lexus and Acura models. Due to a luxurious interior and advance engine system, Infiniti captured a major portion of the American automobile market in a very short time.  It has been able to successfully differentiate itself as the sporty alternative to the other brands. Some famous models include the G37, FX47 and M45.

EnginePerformanceChip launched performance parts and performance chips for Infiniti after studying its engine technology in detail. It is very important to use right kind of performance parts with sporty vehicles. Infiniti has used advanced engine technology to make their vehicles responsive. This makes it very important to use tuning parts of equal standards. We provide engine parts like air intakes, superchargers, exhausts, mufflers, voltage power modules and turbo kits of the highest standards.

We also have custom support teams in case if you need any technical or non-technical assistance regarding these parts.