Lexus, a true icon in the name of luxury and comfort, is a division of Toyota Motor Company. In 1989, Lexus was introduced to the US automobile market and has since become famous for its premium features and reliability. The marquee not only values luxury but they also have high-end technology built into all of their vehicle systems.  The brand has already taken steps towards the sports segment with their F Sport branded vehicles which will be competing with Audi and BMW. The designs and technology used in Lexus cars or SUVs is extraordinary.

Our engineers at EnginePerformanceChip have launched the Lexus performance chip to work seamlessly with almost any Lexus engine. These performance chips work with the perfect calculation of spark and timing to enable the engine to generate more horsepower and torque. Other benefits of using these performance parts are fuel mileage, which rises to an amazing level. Among all performance parts, the most recommended ones are air intakes, superchargers, exhausts and ECU chips.