Mercedes Benz, a dream car for almost any person, is a German automobile giant that was founded in 1886. This company built the first petrol powered automobile. In 1901, the first vehicle from Mercedes was launched and it was marketed by Diamler Motoren Gesellschaft. Apart from car manufacturing, Mercedes also produces trucks and buses for commercial use. This brand has been on top of the automobile market since the very beginning of automotive history. The cars built by Mercedes are symbols of innovation, technology, luxury, and performance. AMG, is a division of the company, was introduced to build high performance vehicles for the marque.

Our engineers have designed the Mercedes Performance Chip to not only unlock the full potential of your engine in terms of horsepower and torque, but also to increase the fuel mileage as well. Mercedes engines are not similar to other automobile brands. It is very important that a Mercedes performance part work with accurate calculations and timing, so that it can give you the best overall performance. Our other performance parts for Mercedes include: air intakes, superchargers, exhausts, voltage power module, mufflers and ECU chips. Each of these parts has their own role to play so that an overall performance benefit can be achieved. Our performance parts manipulate the ignition timing and air-fuel ratio to allow efficient burning of fuel to achieve more power.

If you are not familiar with these automotive products used for performance enhancement, then contact our custom support team!  They are always ready to assist customers and help them in any way possible.