Air Intake Maximizer Supercharger

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The air intake maximizer is a high-flow turbine powered by a ball-bearing drive.  This device increases the airflow into your engine thereby increasing horsepower and fuel economy.   Independent testing has shown that this high rpm turbine can increase the amount airflow into your engine by up to 15%.

The increased airflow into the combustion chamber results in better atomization, increased horsepower, and reduced fuel consumption. 

Product Features:

  • Boost airflow into your air intake manifold to improve horsepower and fuel economy
  • Fits air intake tubes 2.5-3.0 inches or 3.5-4.0 inches (please choose during checkout)
  • Maximum Speed Movement: 55,000r/min
  • Axis Temperature: 120c
  • Jet blade design
  • Made of Strong Aircraft Alloy

Air Intake Supercharger

This product will install in your air intake tube as long as your vehicle has a round tub which measures 2.5-4.0 inches in diameter.  Please measure before ordering.

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