EcoBooster OBDII Fuel Economy Tuner


Introducing EcoBooster.  A revolutionary plug and play fuel economy enhancement product.                            

Designed specifically to increase fuel economy, our EcoBooster has industry leading technology to give you maximum results.  Featuring a slim profile, Eco OBD2 technology, and LED status lights the  EcoBooster is designed to improve the economy of your engine.  The EcoBooster is designed to work with the ECU mapping built into your vehicle's engine computer.  This allows the product to work without causing a check engine light or any reliability issues.

The EcoBooster has a very slim profile which allows it to fit in the tightest areas.  Installation takes just seconds and only requires that the unit gets plugged into the OBDII port.  The EcoBooster is designed with work with virtually all engine types and is compatible with all OBDII diagnostic systems found on vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards.  Utilizing the factory ECU mapping, the EcoBooster makes specific and strategic changes to the information the ECU receives from various engine sensors.  These changes allow your engine to work more efficiently, increase fuel economy, and adjust its settings to your specific driving style giving you the best results.  

The  LED status lights give you a clear indication that product is receiving and processing the information from your vehicle's  engine computer which will never leave you guessing if the product is working or not.


The EcoBooster's advanced technology can increase fuel economy by up to 15% which equates to less money spent at the pump, a longer range, and a lifetime of fuel cost savings.  


  • MPG Gains – Gain up to 15% in fuel economy
  • Plug and Play Installation – Designed for ease of Installation. Simply plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII port.
  • Proprietary Design – Unique to our company and a benchmark in the industry.
  • Extensive Testing – Our product will not cause a check engine light or reduced engine reliability.
  • Compatibility – Diesel, gasoline, turbocharged, supercharged, and turbo-diesel engines are all compatible with the Power Drive.
  • Ease of Use – Simply plug this product into your vehicle’s OBDII port.  No messing with wires or hard to read instructions.
  • Wireless Design – Our wireless, compact designs allows for an easy installation and slim profile.
  • Clear LED Status Readout – Featuring LED indicator lights which will give you a clear indication that the product is working properly.
  • Compatible with your Current Modifications – Already have headers, intake, and exhaust?  No problem, our product works with  these enhancements
  • Completely Reversible – Once removed your vehicle’s engine coding will revert back to a stock configuration.  Nothing is altered.
  • Excellent Support – Reach a live technical support representative for any concerns or questions.
  • Hassle Free Returns – You have a full 30 days to return the product for any reason. 
  • Free Shipping – Shipping is fast and free in the USA!

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