Power Performance Chip X2

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Don't waste your money on inferior products!  Our fully-adjustable Power Performance Unit is the one to have.  Other companies are selling products that are simply rebadged versions of a generic chip that will not give you horsepower increases!  Our Power Performance X2 outperforms anything else on the market.   

Our trained technical team spent years developing the Power Performance X2. The X2 unit was designed with one goal in mind - to safely increase the output and efficiency of fuel injected gasoline engines.  

The secret of the X2 unit in its advanced technology.   Our R&D staff looked at the general electrical layout of gasoline engines equipped with fuel injection systems.  After understanding how this system works, they developed the Power Performance unit to alter the settings of the engine control unit to provide you with maximum results.  Our R&D staff didn't end their research there;  they added an adjusting slider on the unit so you can control if you would like to get fuel economy or performance oriented gains.

The X2 Power Performance Unit Features:

  • Manual adjustability for fuel economy or performance
  • Easy installation with specific, detailed instructions
  • May improve 0-60 and 1/4 mile acceleration times
  • Potential ability to increase engine efficiency
  • May affect smoothness of engine and automatic transmission

The Performance Power Speed Chip has the following features:

  • Fully adjustable - you can tune it for the amount of power you want
  • Continual Improvement - Our chips get updates if there are recalls or improvements
  • Original design - no one else sells our chips.  They are absolutely original to us.
  • Complete directions on how to install our unit
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions:

Ever since the late 1970s, almost every vehicle has an Electronic Control Unit or ECU.  The ECU acts as the main computer system for your vehicle and it manages and monitors your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio, spark, voltage, engine settings, and your vehicle’s performance.  The ECU is specifically programmed by the manufacturer to meet regulations and keep the engine toned down.  This helps the manufacturer sell bigger engines and it keeps drivers from driving too fast.  That is why changing your ECU will cause your engine to make so much more horsepower, however; an ECU replacement usually costs thousands of dollars.

Engine Performance Chip’s computer modules will tune your factory ECU instead of replacing it for a fraction of the cost.  Our performance units modify the signal to your ECU to trick it into thinking that the engine is tuned for more power.  This, in turn, causes the ECU to send more spark and air into the engine giving you more horsepower.  Our performance unit is tuned to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of horsepower available. 

The best part about our performance unit is how easily they are to install.  Unlike an ECU replacement that needs to be soldered in, our product gets installed simply. Installation can be done in about half an hour. Our products are reversible and do not harm your engine in any way.  It is simply the finest performance tuner available on the market today.

  • Does it come with instructions?
    • We provide detailed instructions with illustrations to make installation a breeze.  Our performance chips usually install in 30 minutes.
  • What is included with your performance chip?
    • You will receive our performance chip, all necessary hardware, and installation instructions.  We provide everything you need to install our products.
  • Will your performance chip work with aftermarket intakes?
    • Yes, our products work with any kind of stock or aftermarket intake.
  • Do I need special tools for installation?  Do I need special skills?
    • No special skills are required. You will need a simple set of pliers for installation.
  • Will your performance chips fit any size of engine?
    • Our performance units are made to fit any engine size as long as it is not turbocharged, supercharged, or Diesel.
  • Will this damage my engine?
    • Absolutely not. The modified signal output to your ECU will do no engine damage.


Recent Testimonies:

 Tony in New York says:




Robert in California says:

"After trying a competitor’s product, I chose your company's offering.  All I can say is that I was very impressed from the minute someone answered the phone.  Your technical support and knowledge far exceed anyone else.

Also, you product is the best performance chip that I have ever had the pleasure of trying out. I have easily gained 30 horsepower out of my Silverado.  Thanks again guys."

Christopher in South Carolina says:

"My BMW needed some more power because I was having a real hard time beating my friends.  After your chip, my friends got a surprise they couldn't believe.  They all thought I added NOS.  Thanks for the awesome product!!!"

Kiley in Vermont says:

"My Mazda 3 feels awesome NOW!!!!  I can actually make the tires spin with my automatic!!!!!!!  Thanks for the sweet chip."

Lou from Canada says:

"I received my performance module in the mail today and immediately installed it in my Charger R/T,and the difference was very noticable,I had my doubts about it,because it was so cheap,but I dyno tested my car before and after,and I gained 47 HP,which now gives me over 470 HP in total.I will be ordering the O2 sensors soon and am thinking about ordering the universal turbo since I have already changed the injectors to acommidate the added power."

Please Note: Our X2 chip does not work with Diesel or Turbo engines.

Please ensure your vehicle in excellent operating condition to ensure the best results.  Vehicles in poor operating condition may not see the gains indicated here.


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