Pontiac, a division of General Motors, was founded in 1926 to manufacture performance oriented vehicles. Their cars were mainly marketed in United States, Canada and Mexico. Like many other divisions of General Motors, this brand was also closed down in 2010. But, their cars are still seen on many US or Canada roads and the brand is still cherished by many people. This marque mainly generated enthusiasm among young drivers because of its sporty look and performance features. The powerful G8 was its last model to hit the road wearing the Pontiac badge in the USA.

Pontiac cars were sold as performance machines but they still lacked some performance from the factory parts. EnginePerformanceChip can fill the void by designing Pontiac performance chip, air intakes, mufflers, ECU chips and superchargers. Our team of engineers designed these engine parts for every model of this brand. The most successful combination for Pontiac is installing a performance chip in conjunction with our E-Charger. It is assured that after installing these parts, gains of 30-50 horsepower are common. If you are not familiar with these products, please contact our customer support team for a detailed explanation.