PLUGCHIP OBDII Power and Fuel Economy Unit


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by Rick Jamieson
Really small footprint makes it easy to install, and it doesn't poke out that much. The build quali...

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by Abhisek Patel
This was an easy product to install. I felt an improvement, but I wanted more power.

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by Patrick Olsen
This product rocks. I personally think this thing worked better than my $600 tuner I got this past ...

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by Adnan Al-Akbar
Good power from 2009 328i BMW with six silender engine. Feel high power and heavy speed.

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by Thor Lund
Factory warranty made me want to purchase something that is reversible. This item is small, can be ...

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by Michael Louis
Bought this specifically because it plugs into the OBDII port. I used it for about a week before we...

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