OBDII Bluetooth Wireless Engine Diagnostic Code Reader Eraser


Now you can read and clear your "check engine light" with this advanced Bluetooth OBDII code reader. This device works with your Bluetooth equipped computer or Android smart-phone.  Once connected to the OBD2 port, this unit will allow you to read engine codes, erase engine codes, and allow you to measure a number of your engine parameters. 

If you are using an Android smart-phone, you can simply download free OBDII software (we like TORQUE LIGHT) which turns your mobile phone into an advanced engine diagnostics system!  

What Devices is This Unit Compatible With?

  • Android smart-phones running free or paid OBDII software

 How Do I Pair Up and Use This Device?

  1. Simply plug our unit into your vehicle's OBDII port - a red led light will turn on
  2. Using your Bluetooth device (phone or computer) go to the Bluetooth menu and scan for available devices
  3. The scan will bring up the OBD2 reader.  Click "Pair" on your device.  It will ask you for a password.  Use the following password (1234)
  4. Once you have entered the correct password the device will pair to your phone or PC
  5. Simply open up the PC OBDII software we provide, or open TORQUE LIGHT on your Android device.
  6. You are ready to read, clear, and monitor engine codes

What Kind of Engine Data Can Your Device Read?

Our advanced device can read current sensor data including:

·         Engine RPM

·         Calculated Load Value

·          Coolant Temperature

·          Fuel System Status

·          Vehicle Speed

·          Short Term Fuel Trim

·          Long Term Fuel Trim

·          Intake Manifold Pressure

·          Timing Advance

·          Intake Air Temperature

·          Air Flow Rate

·          Absolute Throttle Position

·          Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims

·          Fuel System status

·          Fuel Pressure


·         Super Slim Wireless Bluetooth Scan Tool

·         Supports all OBD2 protocols

·         Works with most OBD2 compliant vehicles

·         Able to read and erase diagnostic engine trouble codes

·         Slim Design for use on any OBDII 16 pin socket

·         Supports the following devices: Android system phones, and Windows XP and WIN7 32-bit computers


·         Type: code readers & scan tools

·         Output protocol: Bluetooth

·         Color: blue

·         Material : plastic

·         Voltage: 12V

·         Current: 45mA

Packing List:

  1. OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner interface